Star Wars - The Traitor's Path

Episode 2 - The Great Escape

After waking up in a grim looking cell, bound hand and foot, the adventurers faced down Frk’l the Fingerer, saved only by a well-timed comlink call which saved them from an imminent penetration. In order to maintain their “integrity”, the adventurers resolved to escape. Quickly. Kran’s fingers weren’t up to the job of the tight knots, but Herras managed to free them. A quick hack on the door panel, and they were out.

They decided to try and talk their way past the guards down the hall. It went well, for a while. When the guards discovered the ruse, Herras decided to engage in fisticuffs, and ended up with a broken jaw for his troubles. Kran rushed a Trandoshan bounty hunter, deftly stealing his blaster from right out of its holster. As Herras finished off his sparring partner, Kran tried to get the Trandoshan to talk, but to no avail. They locked him back in their cell, recovered their gear and continued exploring.

They discovered that they were being held in the Aruscaga spaceport at which they’d only recently landed. It seems that the bounty hunters were planning to take them off planet in short order. They headed out into the docking bay, were they saw two ships berthed, in an advanced state of preparation for departure.

Perceiving that there was another being out in the bay, Herras tried to con his way through. However, as he boldly approached, he was dismayed to discover Frk’l standing there! A firefight ensued, in which Frk’l got his leg fatally blown off, and a fourth bounty hunter, Ezedon Malleve was captured. However, during interrogation it became apparent that something had been done to Malleve to prevent him from talking too much about his employer. Promising the protection of the Jedi, they took him to the Defiant Raven and left him with Sasha Lockwood.

Venturing out into the city, they headed towards the main building of the Celebratus Archive, where they obtained a map showing where the old Jedi Academy used to be located. It became apparent that it had been built over and was now a warehouse district. Herras utilised his knowledge of the mysterious ways of bureaucracy by sweet-talking the clerk at the Aruscaga Municipal Council into fast-tracking their application for floor plans of the warehouse district.

They decided to retire to a cantina around the warehouse district to review the material they’d acquired. They’d only just sat down and ordered some lum when a shady looking Devaronian approached Herras and invited him to a sabacc game out the back. Sensing an opportunity to make some quick credits, he agreed and proceeded to join the game. Herras won the first few hands but decided to cheat just as the stakes were getting high! Unfortunately, his clumsy efforts were instantly detected by the seasoned gamblers at the table (perhaps explaining how Herras lost his bar in the first place…).

Rather than bothering to explain, Herras grabbed as many creds as his hands could hold and bolted for the door, followed by a hail of blaster bolts and curses. Although he dived upon reaching the door, one of the bolts hit and destroyed his blast vest, with the next one incapacitating him altogether. Kran stepped in, and one look at his weathered features and very large guns deterred the gamblers from stepping in and finishing Herras off for good. They retreated to the Defiant Raven to lick their wounds and plan the next move…

Episode 1 - Meeting the Jedi

Our adventurers were happily sitting at a table at the Inebriated Ithorian, a small cantina at the spaceport complex on Yavin 4, a few clicks outside the Jedi Praxeum. But rather than quietly enjoying their drinks whilst awaiting their transport off-world, they intervened in a dispute between an enraged Gammorean and a terrified Sullustan! Kran made very short work of the Gammorean, who ultimately backed away at the point of Kran’s blaster pistol.

After the fracas had cleared, the adventurers were approached by an old man in brown hooded robes. He introduced himself as Streen, a Jedi Knight and friend of Master Luke Skywalker. He offered the adventurers work; obtain a Jedi artefact called “the Eye of Kegal” from a ruined Jedi archive on the library world of Obroa-skai. Whilst Kran was sceptical of the Jedi’s motives, the promise of future lucrative work (and the urgings of Herras) ultimately overcame his concerns.

The adventurers proceeded to meet with their pilot, Sasha Lockwood captain of the Defiant Raven. Whilst the boys appreciated Sasha’s aesthetic qualities, her evasiveness about the nature of her cargo certainly aroused their suspicions. When she finally declared that she was carrying food, Kran resolved to find out what was really going on. As a result, they spent the majority of the ten-day trip trying to gain access to her cargo hold, with increasingly elaborate ploys. Their efforts culminated in Kran holding a piece of paper bearing an engorged member drawn on its surface against the lens of the security camera monitoring the door to the hold, whilst Herras succeeded against all odds in hacking the door itself! He entered the inner sanctum, only to find a room full of sealed cargo containers, which he was unsuccessful at opening.

When Sasha announced over the internal comm that they had arrived at Obroa-skai, the pair resolved to follow the cargo as it was unloaded to see where it went. Whilst this proved more difficult in a secure cargo terminal then they originally thought, they were disappointed when they saw the containers being stacked up in the cargo area designated for foodstuffs, confirming what Sasha had originally told them. Oh well, there wasn’t much to do on the flight over anyway, so perhaps not a huge waste of time…

Upon exiting the spaceport at Obroa-skai’s capital city of Aruscaga, sizzling blaster bolts past Herras’ head announced the arrival of a bounty hunter! As Kran circled to get the drop on their assailant, he heard the cry of a small child – a bystander whom the bounty hunter had grabbed as a hostage. After a tense standoff, and the arrival of the bounty hunter’s backup, the intrepid adventurers dropped their weapons rather than risk the life of a child. Perhaps they were somewhat gratified when they saw the child run free, just before they themselves were stunned into oblivion…


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