Kran Alcyon

Ex Alliance Army - Urban Special Operations.


An old warrior, Kran is vigilant and taciturn with a tendency to shoot first.



Born in Coronet on Corellia in 35BBY Kran’s early years in the city where much the same as any other kid. During his teens he showed an aptitude for handling pistols and quickly developed into a skilled marksman under the guidance of his father, Jafan, a long serving CorSec officer. With his enquiring mind, natural tactical ability and shooting skills Kran was soon recruited as a CorSec rookie (16BBY) much to the delight of his old man.

Kran’s early carrier was spent in Coronet before, at the age 24 (11BBY), he was posted to Tyrena. It was there that he stumbled across two ‘sightseers’ in a beachside plaza. While they appeared to be tourists they clearly were up to something so Kran took it upon himself to investigate. Tailing one of the travellers into an ally he bailed the man up and demanded an explanation. The charismatic stranger won Kran over with his direct and passionate plea against the empire, for which Kran held no respect, and he soon found himself on the side of the resistance.

With his CorSec networks Kran become a valuable member of the resistance gathering intelligence. Eventually his skills were put to more practical use when the group raided an imperial supply ship. Before long Kran become a fugitive hiding in the Selonian Tunnels for years conducting hit and run missions against the empire. He finally managed to escape off world in 2BBY with the help of the newly formed Rebel Alliance.

Kran speaks little of his time with the alliance but it has clearly left him disenchanted to say the least. The time in service has left him with a deep mistrust of the Jedi the cause of which remains a mystery. He sometimes confides in his friend Herras who knows only that Kran was involved to some degree in operation Skyhook, survived the evacuation of Hoth and spent weeks in recovery after being severely wounded while liberating the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Soon after that he was discharged.

After a lifetime in service Kran was left with nothing. All he had were his war time skills and he put them to use as a freelance security officer solving other people’s problems. No questions asked.

Before long he took to frequenting cantinas and sabbac parlours where he met Herras after being rescued by him during a drunken brawl at Herras’s own establishment. To repay the favour Kran took up service keeping the place safe for the patrons in exchange for a place to stay above the parlour. Soon the two became good friends. For the first time in a long a time Kran found some peace. That peace was to be short lived .

Kran never really understood how Herras could gamble away a whole business but with no other options they scraped together what they could and headed out to find their fortune. They story of how they came to be in a seedy cantina on Yavin 4 is a long and complicated one. It’s sufficient to say that now, with only few credits left between them and not knowing where to turn, things are sure to get more complicated before they can return to Coruscant and reclaim what they’ve lost.

Kran Alcyon

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