Star Wars - The Traitor's Path

Episode 1 - Meeting the Jedi

Our adventurers were happily sitting at a table at the Inebriated Ithorian, a small cantina at the spaceport complex on Yavin 4, a few clicks outside the Jedi Praxeum. But rather than quietly enjoying their drinks whilst awaiting their transport off-world, they intervened in a dispute between an enraged Gammorean and a terrified Sullustan! Kran made very short work of the Gammorean, who ultimately backed away at the point of Kran’s blaster pistol.

After the fracas had cleared, the adventurers were approached by an old man in brown hooded robes. He introduced himself as Streen, a Jedi Knight and friend of Master Luke Skywalker. He offered the adventurers work; obtain a Jedi artefact called “the Eye of Kegal” from a ruined Jedi archive on the library world of Obroa-skai. Whilst Kran was sceptical of the Jedi’s motives, the promise of future lucrative work (and the urgings of Herras) ultimately overcame his concerns.

The adventurers proceeded to meet with their pilot, Sasha Lockwood captain of the Defiant Raven. Whilst the boys appreciated Sasha’s aesthetic qualities, her evasiveness about the nature of her cargo certainly aroused their suspicions. When she finally declared that she was carrying food, Kran resolved to find out what was really going on. As a result, they spent the majority of the ten-day trip trying to gain access to her cargo hold, with increasingly elaborate ploys. Their efforts culminated in Kran holding a piece of paper bearing an engorged member drawn on its surface against the lens of the security camera monitoring the door to the hold, whilst Herras succeeded against all odds in hacking the door itself! He entered the inner sanctum, only to find a room full of sealed cargo containers, which he was unsuccessful at opening.

When Sasha announced over the internal comm that they had arrived at Obroa-skai, the pair resolved to follow the cargo as it was unloaded to see where it went. Whilst this proved more difficult in a secure cargo terminal then they originally thought, they were disappointed when they saw the containers being stacked up in the cargo area designated for foodstuffs, confirming what Sasha had originally told them. Oh well, there wasn’t much to do on the flight over anyway, so perhaps not a huge waste of time…

Upon exiting the spaceport at Obroa-skai’s capital city of Aruscaga, sizzling blaster bolts past Herras’ head announced the arrival of a bounty hunter! As Kran circled to get the drop on their assailant, he heard the cry of a small child – a bystander whom the bounty hunter had grabbed as a hostage. After a tense standoff, and the arrival of the bounty hunter’s backup, the intrepid adventurers dropped their weapons rather than risk the life of a child. Perhaps they were somewhat gratified when they saw the child run free, just before they themselves were stunned into oblivion…


Oh, and my note taking from last occasion was absolutely abysmal. So if I’ve gotten anything here blatantly wrong, please let me know about it ASAP!

Episode 1 - Meeting the Jedi
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